DZOFilm Koop Filter Set


  • Collimation required for accurate focus marks. Please contact us for collimation services.

    The KOOP rear filter for Vespid Prime and Catta Zoom (PL mount) is the first filter designed by DZOFILM. There are two sets of KOOP filters, standard set and artistic set. With detachable base and magnetic rear filters, KOOP allows users to explore endless creativity easily and fast.

    Standard Set includes: x1 Magnetic L365 UV + x1 Magnetic ND4 + x1 Magnetic ND8 + x1 Magnetic ND16 + x1 Magnetic Adapter Ring Base + x1 Wrench tool + x1 shim set.

    Artistic Set includes: x1 Magnetic DIY Frame + x1 1/4 Black Soft glow + x1 Brushed Blue Filter + x1 Bokeh Filter set + x1 Magnetic Adapter Ring Base + x1 Wrench tool + x1 Shim set

    (NOTICE: Filter product images are rendered examples. Actual product appearance and effect will vary.)
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