Canon CN-E PL Mount Exclusively from Duclos Lenses

Until now, the Canon CN-E Primes were available strictly in Canon EF mount. That's great if you have a Canon 1Dx or a C100... PL mount camera owners rejoice! Duclos Lenses has the solution. With a simple modification, the excellent 35mm Full Frame Canon CN-E Primes will work on just about any PL mount camera including the Arri Alexa, Red Dragon, Canon C500, and many more.

The mount conversion is non-destructive and can be returned to factory spec with the OEM Canon EF mount if needed. However, this is a fixed PL mount conversion unlike the Duclos Multi-Mount found on the Canon Compact Zooms. There is a labor fee to return the lenses to factory spec. Duclos Lenses provides a supplementary warranty covering all of the parts included with the conversion in addition to the factory warranty.

Duclos Lenses also offers their complete Canon CN-E PL Prime Pro Set including the 14/3.1, 24/1.5, 35/1.5, 50/1.3, 85/1.3, and 135/2.2 lenses with PL mount and custom foamed travel case, ready to shoot. (US customers only)



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