Special Developments Division

Experienced, equipped, and knowledgeable

Duclos Lenses' Spec. Dev. team is equipped to conceive, design, prototype, manufacture, and assemble the most complex opto-mechanical projects. Whether it's a simple part replacement or a complete re-housing, Duclos Lenses has the tools and experience in the motion picture industry to bring your project to fruition. In addition to our decades of experience in the motion picture industry, we utilize a range of tools including the following:


  • Structured Light 3D Scanning
  • Stereolithographic Rapid Prototyping
  • 5-Axis CNC Mill, Lathe
  • Sophisticated 3D Solid Modeling Software
  • Duclos Autocollimator
  • Vertical On-Axis Collimator
  • Optical Test Projectors 

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I commission a project with Duclos Spec Dev?
You can start by emailing SpecDev@DuclosLenses.com with the details of your project, including timeline restrictions and budget expectations.
What kind of solutions can Duclos Spec Dev offer?
Our engineers and project managers can tackle a wide range of projects from bespoke opto-mechanical design to vintage parts fabrication.

What costs are associated with Spec Dev?
Every project is different. As a policy, we require a $7,500 retainer fee that applies to all R&D and project costs (materials, prototyping, assembly, finishing). If the retainer funds become exhausted, our Project Manager will work with you to discuss options well in advance. Any balance left over at the end of a project is returned in full.

Can Duclos Spec Dev put a PL mount on my Canon L series lens?
Yes we can. But we won't. Why?... Because the cost would be substantial for a proper PL conversion and there's a good chance a similar lens already exists with a PL mount. Duclos Lenses doesn't cut corners when it comes to manufacturing and therefor a "simple" PL mount conversion can be quite costly.

Can Duclos Spec Dev rehouse my vintage lens?
Most likely. There are tens of thousands of vintage lens models, each with it's own technical challenges that must be overcome in the design process. Because of this, costs can be high. Proceed with caution...

I want a specialty lens made from scratch. Can Duclos Spec Dev help me?
Yes. While we don't have the manufacturing prowess of larger companies, we maintain a network of some of the motion picture industry's most respected organizations that allow us to tailor products to the needs of our customers.

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