Company HistoryFounded on experience and passion

1979 - Paul Duclos begins his career repairing lenses at Angenieux's US headquarters in New Hampshire. 

1989 - Moving to California, Paul Duclos was appointed to head of the lens department at Clairmont Camera in North Hollywood. Aside from the repair and maintenance of Clairmont's extensive inventory, Paul was involved in special projects such as the development of the Cooke S-4 series of lenses, the Canon 150-600 conversions, and the Clairmont Swing Shift system. 

1996 - Paul joined Kish Optics Inc. There he continued repairing motion picture lenses as well as helped develop new products including the Mesmerizer, anamorphic lenses, and the Ultimate Directors Finder. 

2002 - Co-founded by Paul, Matthew, and Michelle Duclos, Duclos Lenses opened its doors as one of the first independent motion picture lens service facilities. The need for lens accessories was filled with a line of products including carry handles, motor brackets, and caps for the Angenieux Optimo Series and other lenses.

2004 - Paul Duclos, was presented with a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his contributing work on the Ultimate Director's Finder.

2005 - Duclos Lenses began offering the original Cine-Mod, short for "Cinema Modification", bringing motion picture features and functionality to a wide range of still-photo lenses. As a result of their work pioneering this process, Duclos Lenses was later awarded copyright ownership of "Cine-Mod".

2007 - Duclos Lenses moved to a new location in the West end of the San Fernando Valley in order to expand their operation and accommodate more technicians and equipment.

2009 - Duclos Lenses announced and released their proprietary PL mount cinema conversion process of the Tokina 11-16mm, a lens that began as a fun project and turned into a very successful little lens. 

2012 - Duclos Lenses quickly outgrew their humble facility and upgraded to their current location in Chatsworth California. 

2022 - To support their expanding operation, Duclos Lenses added a new satellite facility with more offices for staff as well as a standing set for customers to conduct comprehensive lens tests in a private, unbiased space.

CURRENT - With a staff of talented technicians and dedicated office staff, Duclos Lenses continues to provide unrivaled, professional motion picture lens service for cinematographers around the globe.