CINE-MOD®The original cinema modification

What Is The Cine-Mod®?
Short for "Cinema Modification", Cine-Mod is a process developed by Duclos Lenses that improves still photo lenses in several ways, making them more usable for motion picture applications. Consisting of three primary parts; a seamless 32-pitch (0.8 module) focus gear, a standardized front ring, and a de-clicked, damped aperture movement. All of the components for the Duclos Cine-Mod are designed and manufactured right here in California, USA.

1. Focus Gear

Our seamless 32-pitch (0,8 module) focus gears are precision machined from solid Black Delrin®, tailored to each lens individually in-house to ensure a no-slip, non-binding reliable fit. Every gear is machined and installed by a skilled technician on an individual basis to ensure a lifetime of accurate operation. No zips, clips, tape or glue from Duclos Lenses!

2. Front Ring

Our front rings thread directly into the existing filter threads of your lens and provide a common 80mm outside diameter surface for clamp-on accessories as well as a 77mm filter thread on each ring. Precision machined from billet 6061 aluminum and anodized black for a durable finish. Available sizes range from a mere 47mm all the way up to an 82mm Step-Down ring.

3. Front Cap

Designed specifically for our 80mm Front Rings, the 80mm Front Caps are made from a durable, protective thermoplastic polymer. Not only do they keep dust and debris away from your precious glass, they're engineered to absorb impact and keep your lenses as safe as possible. The press-on design makes for quick, easy cap replacement and removal while on a bustling set.

4. De-click

Aperture de-clicking is a vital part of the Cine-Mod. A true cinema lens features a step-less aperture that allows fine adjustment without "clicking" between f-stops. Duclos Lenses modifies the aperture movement by removing the "click" mechanism and damping the movement to create a consistent, creamy rotation. We use a high-quality lubricant to ensure a professional feel and operation of your lens.

There are tens of thousands of lenses that will accept the Duclos Cine-Mod®. Read on to find out more about specific lenses and how the Cine-Mod® can help your filmmaking process more efficient.

Cine-Mod PricingEndless combinations and customization!

Pricing for the Cine-Mod can vary from lens to lens but for average size/shaped lenses, the pricing is pretty consistent. You can use our handy Cine-Mod Quote Tool to get a quick quote on the mods you're looking for.

NOTES: Focus Gear pricing based on standard 3.3" O.D. gear. Larger and wider gears that require more material are priced accordingly. Front Ring pricing applies to most 80mm Step-Up style rings. Cine-Mod PRO Front Rings and larger Front Rings are priced accordingly. De-clicking price is valid for a wide range of still photo lenses including Nikon Ais, Zeiss ZF.2, Leica R, Contax C/Y, and more. Please inquire for specific pricing.

Canon EF Mount ConversionNo cheap, flimsy adapters here.There's a wide variety of adapters available on the web ranging greatly in price and quality. So why would you choose a "hard" conversion over an adapter? Simple... Quality, reliability, accuracy. The mount conversions that we offer are made from billet stainless steel to provide a robust, reliable marriage between your lens and camera body. All mount conversions include parts, hardware, installation, and calibration. The installation is carried out by a skilled technician and properly collimated using specialized test equipment.

What Lenses Work Best?Not all lenses are suitable for modification.

With tens of thousands of perfectly good lenses manufactured since the birth of photography, the possibilities are near endless. However, some lenses aren't as accommodating as others when it comes to modification. You'll want to make sure the lens is fully manual with a solid, reliable build quality. Cheap, plastic lenses don't work as well as precision, metal bodied lenses. Lenses without a manual aperture ring can not be de-clicked because... well because there's nothing to de-click! We've collected a few of the most common lenses we modify and summarized them below. However, there are nearly endless options out there. Contact us today to see if we can apply our Cine-Mod to your lens.


Send 'em In!Drop off or ship your lenses today!

Lenses can be dropped-off or shipped in to receive the Cine-Mod®. Once our staff receives your lenses, they'll be assigned to a technician. Before performing any modifications, your lenses are checked, top-to-bottom for any issues that may effect the performance or prohibit proper operation. If there are any issues, you'll be notified immediately! If everything looks good, a formal estimate will be prepared for your lenses with a comprehensive break-down of parts and labor. Once approved, the technician will begin the modifications. After the work is completed, your lens will receive a complimentary basic cleaning and go through a QC process, evaluating the optical and mechanical operation to ensure everything is functioning properly. Lastly, you'll be notified that your lenses are ready to go and they'll be carefully prepared and packaged for return to you, ready to shoot!

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