Equipment Intake Ready to ship your lenses in?
The first step is completing our Equipment Intake Form which allows us to monitor incoming shipments and identify them when they arrive. Make sure you complete the form and include the PDF printout in your package.

Equipment Intake Form

Lenses are precision instruments that can be delicate. Follow these few basic steps to ensure your lenses arrive to us safe.

• If you don't have a dedicated shipping case for your lens(es) wrap each lens individually with fine bubble wrap. Make sure there is at least two inches of padding on all sides of the lens.

• Fill empty space in boxes with additional padding like recycled foam peanuts or newspaper to prevent the lenses from bouncing or moving during transit.

• Make sure the box you use is rated for the size and weight of the lenses you're putting into it.

• If you're shipping a dedicated ATA or Pelican case, make sure you ziptie the latches and include extra zipties in case the originals are removed for any reason during transit.

• If you have any questions, we're here for you! Don't hesitate to call or email us anytime to discuss the best method for shipping precious optics.