Optical Adapters

Duclos Lenses carries a variety of tools used to modify the optical path of your lenses and create unique, problem solving solutions. Take a look at the different sections below to find the tool that will work best for you.

Macro Extension Tubes
Considered by many to be the most affordable way to get close to your subject. By moving the image plane further from the film plane, the close focus ability of the taking lens is dramatically increased at the expense of infinity focus. A must-have in any cinema kit.
Extenders / Expanders
Also known as Tele-Extender. Not all Extenders are Expanders. However, they do function on the same optical principal. An Extender / Expander increases the focal length and reduces the field of view. While an Expander can provide a larger image circle, both flavors will cost you light transmission.
Wide-Angle Adapters
Another affordable option for achieving a wider field of view. Wide Angle Adapters generally clip onto the front of the lens and increase the angle of view for a more obtuse scene. The potential introduction of aberrations and distortion should be considered when choosing a Wide-Angle Adapter.
Close-Up Diopters
Looking to achieve closer focus without sacrificing as much infinity focus? A Close-Up Diopter may be the best solution for you. A Close-Up Diopter may also be a good choice if the focal length of your taking lens is too wide to accept an extension tube.