Glass Polishing & Re-coating
New and vintage lenses alike are susceptible to common coating scratches as well as accidental damage in the form of scratches. Duclos Lenses offers full service element refurbishing including delicate, precision polishing, and sophisticated multi-layer anti-reflection coating in a variety of styles suitable for a range of new and vintage optics.

Polishing The process of polishing can have two purposes - to simply remove AR coatings to achieve a more vintage, raw look. Or in order to remove or reduce scratches in preparation for re-coating. Duclos Lenses performs most of their polishing in-house to maintain quality control. A tailored polishing lap is generated for each individual element by one of our skilled technicians.

Re-coating Applying anti-reflective coatings is done by a number of partners, depending on the desired results. The purpose of AR coatings is to improve the efficiency of the optic by increasing transmission, enhancing contrast, and eliminating ghosting artifacts. Most modern AR coatings are also very durable, with resistance to both physical and environmental damage.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help achieve your goal - whether you're seeking a more dramatic, vintage style for your lenses, or you want to restore a damaged lens to the best possible condition - Duclos Lenses can help you.