Freelensing Cine Universal Tilt-Shift-Swing System

by Freelensing Cine  |  MFR #

Product Features
• Compatible across most spherical PL & LPL lenses
• Converts all the lenses to "Close Focus"
• Motorizable
• Control of Shifts & Rotations
  • The Freelensing Cine® Universal Tilt-Shift-Swing system leaves the lens virtually suspended in front of the camera sensor allowing the operator a fast and intuitive movement. It allows for shifts both parallel and perpendicular to the focal plane, rotation of the optical center, and a combination of both pan and tilt movements. By allowing control of the focal planes, depth of field is decreased or increased. Get creative with the perspective distortion and focus effects this system adds, eliminates, or reduces. This kit includes the PL Mount attachment. LPL mount available separately.

    Current compatible cameras include the ARRI ALEXA 35, Mini, and Mini LF, the RED V-RAPTOR, V-RAPTOR XL, and DSMC2 models, and the Sony VENICE and VENICE 2.

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    1-Year Freelensing Cine manufacturer warranty.
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