About our Service Process Before, during, and after service.

Intake FormOnce you completed the Equipment Intake Form, you should have been presented with a downloadable PDF. If there was any issue with receiving the PDF, please contact us so that we can provide you with a copy. Don't forget to include a print of the Intake Form in your case/package.

Choosing a CarrierLenses are very precise instruments that require special care when shipping. We strongly recommend FedEx or UPS. We do NOT recommend USPS for shipping high-value lenses. You can read our Shipping Guide to see some of our recommendations when choosing a carrier.

Packing Your EquipmentIt's best to use a dedicated transport case with tailored foam for your lenses. This helps reduce bumps and vibrations during transit. Alternatively, shipping in a weight-rated cardboard box is an option. We recommend wrapping each lens individually with bubble wrap, providing at least two inches of padding on all sides. Don't hesitate to contact us for additional recommendations when packing your lenses.

Arrival with DuclosOnce your lenses arrive with us you'll receive an email to confirm they've arrived and have been processed in our system. From there, they'll join the queue to be evaluated by one of our technicians. This queue can vary depending on our current workload. Evaluations and Service Estimates are prepared on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Technical EvaluationEvery lens that comes through our shop goes through a thorough evaluation process with one of our technicians. This ensures we can have all the information required to provide our customers with as many options as possible to make informed decisions. If our technicians find any issues that are noted or that may drastically change the course of your order, we'll reach out prior to generating a formal estimate. This process is the reason for our Evaluation Fee which is waived if any recommended work is approved.

Service EstimateThe evaluation stage provides us with the data we need to generate an estimate which is sent via email. Lenses receiving service/repair receive a Service Estimate. Lenses in for our Cine-Mod will receive a separate Cine-Mod Worksheet with all the individual mods itemized. Once you've received the Service Estimate or Cine-Mod Worksheet, our staff will work with you to add or remove options to ensure you're getting the best service possible.

Estimate ApprovalOnce the Service Estimate or Cine-Mod Worksheet accurately reflects the work you'd like done, we'll ask you to approve via phone or email. Once approved, your job will be assigned to a technician (or multiple technicians in some cases) and we'll be able to provide you with an ETA for job completion. As is the case with any precision instrument - repair, modification, or tuning takes time. We never sacrifice the quality of our work for the sake of speed. Our team will work with you to ensure the timeline of our work meets your needs.

Job CompletionWhen the service/repair/modifications are complete, we'll inform you via email and your job will be passed on to our Logistics Dept. who will arrange return shipping or pickup according to the options you selected during the Intake Form process. Alternatively, we'll reach out to arrange shipping or pick-up details. Once the logistics are arranged, a final invoice will be generated including the work laid out in the approved Service Estimate as well as any tax/shipping fees.


Once the final invoice is paid, we'll carefully prepare your lenses to be shipped or picked up accordingly. For shipping, you'll receive a confirmation email with tracking info once the package has been scheduled for pick-up.


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