Shipping Guide
Duclos Lenses is committed to providing the best experience possible for our customers. Shipping is a very important subject when dealing with precision, exotic lenses. But then again, maybe you're just ordering a cap and you don't care too much about this Guide... 

Shipping Policies
PackagingOur team is highly experienced in shipping exotic, sensitive optical components. Every order is shipped well packed and sealed. If you see any issues upon receiving your package, please inform us immediately.
Signature RequiredEvery package we ship out is sent as "Signature Required". This means that no package will ever be left at a doorstep unattended. If you would like us to make an exception and ship your package without any signature requirement, please call or email to arrange. Duclos Lenses is not responsible for delivery attempts that result in "return-to-sender" after multiple attempts. (UPDATE: Signatures may or may not be enforced due to COVID-19 and carrier policies)

Choosing a Carrier
USPS Generally, the most affordable option. Duclos Lenses is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged shipments via USPS. You've been warned. For critical or time sensitive shipments, we strongly recommend another carrier.

UPSShipping within the LA area via UPS Ground will usually arrive next-day. A good value but not always the most delicate service. UPS is mostly recommended for domestic shipments within the US. 

FedExOur most highly recommended options, but usually the most expensive.  FedEx is the most reliable shipping method of choice. Highly recommended for domestic and international orders, especially time-sensitive shipments. 

DHLWhile not the fastest or most reliable option, DHL is a good choice for more affordable international shipping.

Using your own accountIf you ship frequently and would like to use your own Fedex or UPS shipping account please use Discount Code: CUSTOMERACCOUNT at checkout.