New Cooperation with IB/E Optics

Announcements April 02, 2024

Duclos Lenses, a leading provider of high-quality motion picture lens services, accessories, and modifications, is excited to announce a new strategic cooperation with IB/E Optics, the renowned German manufacturer of precision motion picture optics and accessories. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in offering an even broader range of products and services to the cinematography community.

Through this cooperation, Duclos Lenses will begin offering IB/E Optics' innovative products to its customers, integrating cutting-edge German engineering with Duclos Lenses' established reputation for quality and service. IB/E Optics is well-known for its exceptional lenses, optical tools, and accessories that have been instrumental in the production of award-winning films and projects worldwide.

"We are thrilled to cooperate with IB/E Optics and bring their outstanding product lineup to our customers," said Matthew Duclos, Chief Operating Officer at Duclos Lenses. "Our companies have admired each other's passion and dedication to the art of cinematography for many years. This cooperation allows us to work together, enhance our product offerings, and continue to provide the cinematography community with the tools they need to capture their vision with unparalleled clarity and precision."

The IB/E Optics range includes high-performance cinema lenses, lens adapters, extenders, and optical tools designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional cinematographers and rental houses. Among the products now available through Duclos Lenses are the acclaimed IB/E Optics RAPTOR Macro Cinema Lenses, specialty filters, and innovative Tele-extenders and Expanders.

"Duclos Lenses is a well-respected and extremely experienced company with well over twenty years in the business," said Klaus Eckerl, President, CEO at IB/E Optics. "Located on the United States' west coast, Duclos has built a solid reputation as the 'go-to' location when servicing lenses. Their tight focus on the sales and service of lenses and optical tools, their extensive knowledge of the countless optical systems used in our industry, and their second-to-none lens technicians create the perfect U.S. partner for IB/E Optics.

"Duclos Lenses knows our products well, and with our own long history of optical and mechanical design, coating development, and manufacturing, we can take an idea from the drawing board to the final product in house, providing us with a full range of capabilities to continue to create our own products while helping other companies realize their own bespoke projects, including many well-known, successful products, such as the ARRI Prime 65, Prime 65S and DNA lenses, the TRIBE7 Blackwing7 lenses, and the Angenieux Optimo Primes. We are proud that they all trusted us to help them create these optical systems that are some of the most advanced cinema optics on in the world today. We are very happy to begin this journey of working together with Duclos Lenses to help better service the US market, and we look forward to what the future brings."

This cooperation reflects both companies' commitment to supporting the cinematography community by offering products that enhance creativity and technical excellence. Customers can expect the same level of quality and service that Duclos Lenses has provided for over two decades, now enhanced by the addition of IB/E Optics' innovative solutions.


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