Freelensing Cine Now Available from Duclos Lenses

Announcements May 31, 2024

Duclos Lenses, known for their expertise in cinematography lenses, is pleased to announce the addition of Freelensing Cine to our product catalog. This partnership will provide filmmakers and rental houses with access to an innovative tools such as the Universal Swing/Tilt/Shift system. 

Freelensing Cine's Swing/Tilt/Shift system allows users to precisely adjust the plane of focus, offering dynamic perspectives and unique creative effects that enhance visual storytelling. The system is engineered for ease of use, ensuring that both professional cinematographers and rental houses can integrate it seamlessly into their workflows.

Matthew Duclos, of Duclos Lenses, commented on this new agreement: "We are excited to offer Freelensing Cine's Swing/Tilt/Shift system to our customers. The passion of Freelensing Cine's Founder and Designer, Sergio de Uña, aligns with our commitment to providing high-quality, innovative tools to the cinematography community. We believe it will be a unique addition to any filmmaker's toolkit."

By distributing Freelensing Cine's Swing/Tilt/Shift system, Duclos Lenses aims to make this cutting-edge technology readily available to filmmakers and rental houses throughout the U.S. Stay tuned for further details on availability and product specifications.

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