Duclos Precision Driver Set

by Duclos  |  MFR #38201250

  • The Duclos Precision Driver Set includes 24 unique bits in a magnetic travel case. Each bit is manufactured from hardened S2 steel with an HRC 60 rating - a material chosen for its reliability and fracture point to protect your lens investment. 

    Each set includes a hard case, magnetic driver, and one each: PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1, PH2, Y1, P2, P5, SL4.0, SL3.0, SL2.0, SL1.5, TORX T8H, TORX T6H, TORX T5H, TORX T4, TORX T3, TORX T2, 2.3, U2.6, H2.0, H1.5, TORX T15H, TORX T10H bits.

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