Schneider ISCO2all 58mm T2.4 A+

by Schneider  |  MFR #08-1106984

Product Features
• Vintage-Style Anamorphic Front Adapter
• Squeeze Factor 1.5x
• Close Focus Distance 1.4m
• Single Focus (ISCO Patent)
• Stepless Horizon Adjustment
• 1/4"-20 UNC Bracket for Rod Support
  • Now Includes PL Mount Kits!
    This ISCO2all A+ set from Schneider combines the lightweight stand-alone 58mm spherical cinema prime and an anamorphic front adapter. The adapter is an upgrade of the famous ISCORAMA 54, which is considered a true classic among anamorphic film fans, with a 1.5x squeeze factor. The ISCOspherical Cine Prime is made by the new manufacturer Dulens (not to be confused with Duclos Lenses) and have been modified for Schneider-Kreuznach to match the ISCORAMA-style. The Amber coating (A+) gives it a vintage-style look and flares. It comes natively in EF mount with PL mount kits sold separately.
  • Technical Specifications for Schneider ISCO2all 58mm T2.4 A+
    This set contains multiple lenses.
    You can find their tech specs listen on their product pages here.
  • - ISCORAMA 54 CU-1.5x
    - ISCOspherical T2.4 / 58mm A+ EF Prime
    - ISCRAMA 54 Support Bracket 1/4 (mounted)
    - ISCORAMA 54 Adapter M77/M72 SLIM (mounted)

  • Warranty Info
    1-Year Schneider manufacturer warranty.
    2-Year Duclos Service+ Program.
    • For maintenance and repair, Contact Us.

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