Leitz 150mm T2.1 Elsie

  • Named after the humanitarian daughter of Ernst Leitz II (Elsie Kühn-Leitz), the Leitz ELSIE lenses are designed for full frame performance with a consistency in size and speed to serve a broad range of productions. The 13 lens set ranges from 15mm to 150mm, all at T2.1. The ELSIE lenses are available in LPL mount, allowing for more design flexibility and higher performance without pushing the mechanical or optical characteristics to the extreme.

    The Leitz ELSIE lenses were designed from the ground up as premium cine lenses with full frame performance and a consistency in size and speed to serve a broad range of productions. Designed and produced in Germany, the ELSIE lenses incorporate the warmth and resolution that Leitz lenses are known for.

  • Technical Specifications for Leitz 150mm T2.1 Elsie
    Focal Length 125mm
    Max Aperture TBD
    Format Full Frame / Vista Vision
    Image Circle* Ø46.5mm*
    Lens Mount LPL
    Min. Focus 5'
    Front Dia. TBD
    Filter Thread TBD
    Iris Blades TBD
    Optical Layout
    Body Material Anodized Aluminum
    Data Protocol Cooke /i & LDS-2
    Length TBD
    Weight TBD
    *NOTE: Image circle requirements can be subjective.
    Please use best judgment when considering coverage specs.
    Image circle specs provided by manufacturers.
  • - 150mm T2.1 Elsie
    - Front/Rear Caps

  • Warranty Info
    1-Year Leitz manufacturer warranty.
    2-Year Duclos Service+ Program.
    • For maintenance and repair, Contact Us.

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