DZOFilm Pictor 20-55mm T2.8

by DZOFilm  |  MFR #DZO-7220002B

  • The DZO Pictor 20-55mm T2.8 zoom lens features a relatively fast maximum aperture of T2.8, parfocal zoom design, and an internal floating group that virtually eliminates focus breathing. It covers a Super35 image circle, comes standard with a PL mount, and includes an interchangeable Canon EF mount. The 16-blade iris creates round bokeh highlights, which have a more natural appearance and contribute to the lens's natural-looking character. The lens features cine-style gears on the focus, iris, and zoom rings, making it compatible with cine-style lens accessories such as follow focus units, lens motors, and lens control systems. The 95mm outer front diameter allows you to use a variety of compatible third-party matte boxes, and the lens has an 86mm filter thread. A lens support foot allows you to support the lens on rods to help reduce strain on your camera's lens port.
  • Technical Specifications for DZOFilm Pictor 20-55mm T2.8
    Focal Length 20-55mm
    Max Aperture T2.8
    Format Super 35
    Image Circle* Ø31.1mm*
    Lens Mount PL, EF
    Min. Focus 2'
    Front Dia. 95mm
    Filter Thread 86mm
    Iris Blades 16
    Optical Layout
    Body Material Anodized Aluminum
    Data Protocol None (passive)
    Length 6.46"
    Weight 3.35 lbs.
    *NOTE: Image circle requirements can be subjective.
    Please use best judgment when considering coverage specs.
    Image circle specs provided by manufacturers.
  • - DZOFilm 20-55mm T2.8 Pictor Zoom
    - Front/Rear Caps
    - Zoom Stick
    - Canon EF Mount w/cap

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  • Warranty Info
    1-Year DZOFilm manufacturer warranty.
    2-Year Duclos Service+ Program.
    • For maintenance and repair, Contact Us.

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