Duclos Autocollimator Bench

by Duclos  |  MFR #38213001

  • An advanced tool from Duclos Lenses that offers precise measurements of flange focal depth making back focus adjustments quick and accurate. Designed to be modular and easily upgradable for use with a wide range of lenses, the Duclos Autocollimator Bench is an indispensable tool that every rental house should have at their disposal. A bright LED light source illuminates an industry standard siemens star resolution chart making adjustments within .00005”. Possible thanks to pin-point accuracy through high-quality MÖLLER WEDEL optics and a Mitutoyo micrometer depth gauge. A range of objectives are available for different focal length lenses as well as a range of mounts including Arri PL, Canon EF (Nikon F, Sony E, Micro 4/3, Panavision, and more sold separately). The Duclos Autocollimator Bench is an excellent blend of quality and affordability. Shipping weight including crate (56"x18"x18") is 110 lbs.

    Basic Kit includes:
    • 4' Auto Collimator Bench
    • 140mm Objective
    • Arri PL and Canon EF Mount
    • PL Calibration Kit
    Advanced Kit includes Basic Kit, plus:
    • Panavision PV, Sony, Nikon F, and Micro 4/3 Mount
    • 50mm, 90mm, and 300mm Objective

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