Zeiss Super Speed Service & Repair Specialties
Duclos Lenses has decades of experience performing a wide range of repair and restoration services for Zeiss Super Speeds including Mk I, II, and III. Our technicians have the experience and the tools necessary to maximize the performance of Super Speeds.

Factory Parts

Our inventory of genuine factory parts is second to none. After Zeiss discontinued service for the Super Speeds, Duclos Lenses acquired all remaining inventory of parts including OEM glass elements.

Focus Threads

Repair service for worn focus threads includes meticulously cleaning old, gritty grease from focus threads and re-lubricating with high quality modern grease. The restoration of focus threads will help reduce play in the lens that can cause image shift.

Complete Restoration

We offer a full clean and re-lube, re-anodizing and repainting of exterior rings, and custom engraving paint fill for Zeiss Super Speed Lenses, restoring them to near pristine condition.

Polish & Recoating

Duclos Lenses offers polishing and re-coating for most damaged elements that are no longer in production - bringing them back to working condition.