Canon K-35 Service & Repair Specialties
Duclos Lenses has decades of experience performing a wide range of repair and restoration services for Canon K-35 primes and zooms. Our technicians have the experience and the tools necessary to maximize the performance of these vintage lenses.

Canon K-35 Lens Repair

Polishing & Coating

Duclos Lenses offers polishing and re-coating for most damaged elements that are no longer in production.

Mechanical Repairs

We perform full CLA maintenance on Canon K-35 zooms and primes as well as repair and replace worn out internal components.

Exterior Refinishing

We completely restore the exterior of the Canon K-35 lenses to enhance cosmetic appeal by re-anodizing and repainting the housing and external rings.

Canon K-35 Accessories

We offer a PL mount conversion for Canon K-35 lenses. Upgrade further with various accessories including gears, bracketry, and standard size front rings.