Angenieux Zooms Service & Repair Specialties
Duclos Lenses has decades of experience performing a wide range of repair and restoration services for Angenieux zooms. Our technicians have the experience and the tools necessary to maximize the performance of these vintage lenses.

Angenieux Zoom Repair

Optical Adjustments

Duclos offers optical adjustments for vintage lenses to restore image quality to factory spec and ensure tracking, centering, and back focus are accurate.

Mechanical Repairs

Duclos Lenses has a large inventory of replacement parts available. Worn out or damaged internal components can be replaced to ensure your lens is functioning to the best of its ability.

Exterior Refinishing

The refinishing process of Angenieux zoom lens exteriors includes fully repainting external rings and housing for a like-new finish as well as customized refilling of engravings.


Upgrade your vintage lens by adding accessories like focus, zoom, and iris gears and a quality lens support. Custom specialty engineering is also available.