12x Optimo Focus UpgradeReduce wear and service intervals



The quintessential motion picture zoom lens, the Angenieux 24-290mm Optimo, is a beast of a lens. Its expansive focal range and fast aperture make for a very complex and technically elegant design. These zoom lenses are subjected to rigorous use in all sorts of production environments which can accelerate normal wear and tear. One of the common issues stems from the focus movement which demands consistent, repeatable accuracy. The large, heavy glass elements associated with the focus assembly can wear down on their load bearing surface over time and reduce the precise, tranquil focus movement expected from such an exotic zoom lens. 


Duclos Lenses has designed a replacement focus carriage that utilizes a series of low-resistance rollers, reducing friction and effectively distributing the load of the focus section in its housing. The Duclos Lenses 12x Focus Upgrade also drastically reduces the chance of barrel end-play resulting in lost motion of the focus helix and inaccurate distance marks. In addition to correcting wear and tear, the 12x Focus Upgrade also reduces routine maintenance associated with the focus section, keeping your 12x Optimo working better, longer. 


The upgrade can be installed at Duclos Lenses during routine maintenance, or by a qualified technician. A core-charge is applied to the upgrade and can be removed if the original focus carriage is retained by Duclos Lenses for re-manufacturing. Here are some basic details of the procedure:

  • Average upgrade turnaround time:   1-2 weeks
  • Average savings in annual service:  $7,500
  • Cost without surrender of original:    $1,750
  • Cost WITH surrender of original:      $1,500 ($250 credit)

For additional questions, please contact a Duclos Lenses representative.