DZOFilm Marlin 1.6x Expander


Product Features
• Brings S35 lenses to FF format
• Integrated back focus (excl. PL/LPL)
• Removeable support foot
• Only 1.5-stop loss
  • The Marlin 1.6x Expander from DZOFilm effectively increases the focal length of a lens by 1.6 times while also increasing the image circle in order to bring Super 35 format lenses up 35mm Full Frame coverage. 1.6x is an ideal magnification, just enough to increase in coverage and maintain image quality without sacrificing too much light transmission. 

    Featuring a removable support foot for increased stability on professional setups as well as an integrated back focus adjustment (Excl. PL-PL, PL-LPL model). The Marlin from DZOFilm is a very handy tool to have in your kit for extending the reach of your lenses or keeping your S35 lenses working even on large format productions. 

    The Marlin is available for most PL mount lenses and in a variety of camera-side mount options including E/RF/L/LPL/PL. Download the Clearance Check Tool to confirm compatibility with your lenses here. 

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  • Warranty Info
    1-Year DZOFilm manufacturer warranty.
    • For service and repair, Contact Us.
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