Tokina Cinema Prime Case

An excellent transportation solution for the Tokina Cinema Vista primes. With generous padding and spacing between lenses, this case is perfect for rolling around set or shipping cross-country. The 4-Hole configuration accepts any four Tokina Cinema Primes (except for the 18mm) and offers a convenient AKS compartment. The 6-Hole configuration accommodates six primes (except for the 18mm). The 5-Hole design accommodates the 18mm through 85mm Cinema Vista Prime (photo coming soon)

Based on the Pelican-Storm iM2620, Exterior Dimensions 21.20" x 16.00" x 10.60" (53.8 x 40.6 x 26.9 cm)

4-hole AKS Compartment Size: L9.25" x W5.25" x D5"


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