by: Duclos Lenses

2 YEARS, FREE!with all new lenses purchased from Duclos Lenses.

What makes Duclos Lenses better than other retailers for you motion picture lens needs? Our experience and professionalism. Instead of trying to up-sell you on memory cards or filters, we automatically include two years of our Service+ Maintenance Program with every new lens purchased from Duclos Lenses. The program will offer a range of services to ensure your lenses continue working to the absolute best of their ability. Duclos Lenses is the premiere source for professional motion picture lenses thanks to our stringent quality control procedures applied to every single lens coming in and going out and that's just where the Service+ Maintenance Program begins... The program will last for two years from the date you take delivery of your lenses, with no limit on frequency. The Service Program offers the following features:

  • Included with every new lens at no additional charge.

  • Complete Exterior Cleaning
    includes dirt, debris, grime, tape gum, etc.

  • Front & Rear Element Cleaning
    remove foreign contaminants, assess potential surface damage

  • Flange Depth & Infinity Focus Calibration
    includes check and calibration of back focus and infinity focus

  • Interchangeable Mount Swap and Calibration
    for lenses with interchangeable mounts purchased from Duclos

  • Complete Diagnostic Check-Up
    complete eval of operating functions, report of any additional recommendations

    With the 2-Year Service+ Maintenance Program from Duclos Lenses, you can have your lenses professionally checked and calibrated before every project to ensure they are performing to the best of their ability. The Service Program also allows customers to bring their lenses in after a project to make sure everything is still operating properly and to diagnose any potential damage, a real lifesaver for insurance purposes. The Service Program is layed out specifically to help our customers maintain their equipment throughout their career. We strongly believe that lenses are one of the most important investments a cinematographer can make. We want to make sure that you and your lenses are taken care of. 

    For additional details, contact a Duclos Lenses representative and see how Duclos Lenses can help you. 

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    Duclos Lenses takes great pride in their product designs, almost all of which are designed in-house. Manufacturing takes place either in-house, or in the hands of our trusted specialists including a range of professionals in the field of opto-mechanical manufacturing and aerospace fabrication. Products that bear our name represent the highest quality in the motion picture lens industry.



    Duclos Lenses is committed to offering the best shopping experience possible. Check our price match details on our Terms & Conditions page.



    This product qualifies for financing, either through the manufacturer or through one of our partner financing firms. Head on over to our financing details page today for additional information.



    Duclos Lenses sets itself apart from the competition by actually knowing and understanding the products that we sell. We genuinely want all of our customers to receive the absolute best products possible. It's because of this that we offer two years of free basic maintenance with every new lens purchased from Duclos Lenses. Click here for more information.



    Express shipping... for FREE!
    Yes, free. This product will ship out Express by FedEx with full insurance and tracking at no additional charge. Applies to all domestic orders.



    Duclos Lenses is committed to providing the best possible products to our customers. Unlike the competition, our technicians have the knowledge and tools to check every single lens that we offer. This happens once when new products arrive from the manufacture and once again before they ship out. This ensures that our customers are only receiving the best of the best. Yet another reason Duclos Lenses is the premier destination for motion picture lenses.