DZOFilm Pavo 6-Lens Bundle


Product Features
• Anamorphic 2x Squeeze
• Super 35 format
• Compact, lightweight
• Fast, T2.1 aperture
  • The Pavo Primes from DZOFilm offer uniquely cinematic image quality thanks to their anamorphic 2x squeeze ratio and purposeful, gentle character. Designed for Super 35 format cameras, the Pavo Primes feature a fast T2.1 aperture across all focal lengths as well as consistent focus and iris gear position and rotation. The combination of the fast T2.1 aperture and the 2x anamorphic field field of view provide a beautiful quality of bokeh. 

    Available in two styles with unique coatings - blue and neutral. The blue coating offers a classic horizontal blue flare while the neutral coating provides a more flexible flare that takes on the hue of the light source. Both styles offer outstanding geometric distortion and aberration control to maintain clarity, even under wide-open apertures. 

    Pavo Primes are equipped with an integrated back focus adjustment for simple, accurate adjustments and maintenance. Available with a native PL mount and included Canon EF mount kit. (mount swap and calibration available at no charge with new orders)

  • Technical Specifications for DZOFilm Pavo 6-Lens Bundle
    This set contains multiple lenses.
    You can find their tech specs listen on their product pages here.
  • - 28mm T2.1
    - 32mm T2.1
    - 40mm T2.1
    - 55mm T2.1
    - 75mm T2.1
    - 100mm T2.4
    - EF mount kits
    - Support Posts
    - Shim kits
    - x2 Travel Cases

  • Warranty Info
    Updated warranty info coming soon.
    2-Year Duclos Service+ Program.
    • For maintenance and repair, Contact Us.

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