Zunow 0.75x CWA-114 Wide Angle Adapter

  • The CWA-114 Zunow 0.75x Wide Angle Adapter is a cinema-grade wide angle attachment for 114mm front lenses. It uses a sophisticated optical design that minimized distortion (less than 1%) and maximizes light throughput (97%). Focus holds through most zoom lenses so there's no need to adjust back focus or use a macro adjustment. The Zunow 0.75x Wide Attachement clamps confidently onto most 114mm front lenses that have a focal length of 18mm or greater, giving them an effective field of view similar to that of a 14mm.
    We've tested and confirmed fitting on the following:
    • Canon 17-120mm
    • Fujinon 20-120mm
    • Fujinon 14-35mm
    • Fujinon 28-100mm
    • Zeiss 21-100mm

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