Tokina 4x5.65 Black Supermist

by Tokina  |  MFR #TCBS-184565

  • Black Supermist is a diffusion filter designed to affect resolution in a pleasing manner by reducing high frequency details like wrinkles and blemishes in skin while raising black levels slightly to create a film-like look.

    Black Supermist is made of fine black color particulate that is bonded between two pieces of Schott B270 Optical Glass which exceeds 4K resolution capability. The black particulate ranges in size from slightly smaller than a pixel to slightly larger than a pixel size to alter incoming light that creates the pleasing reduction in resolution and a slight raise in contrast. This is attributable to a “film-like” look which takes the edge off modern high resolution images and optics.

    Available in strengths of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1. The lightest and most popular strength is 1/8 for a slight diffusion effect that isn’t overly noticeable by the viewer.

    (NOTICE: Filter product images are rendered examples. Actual product appearance and effect will vary.)
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