Veydra Mini Prime X-Mount Install Guide


This kit converts the Veydra Mini Primes from Micro4/3 or Sony E mount, to a native Fuji X-Mount. The Veydra Mini Prime lenses do not offer any electronic feedback. This mount is considered "passive" in that there is no communication between the lens and camera. The conversion process is entirely NON-destructive and is fully reversible at any time. Installation requires basic mechanical aptitude and only involves four screws. 


You'll need a #0 phillips screw driver. To begin, simply remove the four screws located at the rear of the factory mount.


This will allow you to remove factory mount, exposing the factory shims. Do not disturb the factory shims. NOTE: some units may not have any shims.


Position the new Fuji X-Mount so that the notch on the mount lines up with the red dot on the side of the Veydra lens. This should align the screw holes for installation.

 Each kit comes with four new screws. You can either use the existing screws or the screws provided. Some factory screws may have thread-locker build-up. Hand tighten or use a torque setting of 0.4 Nm if applicable. NOTE: be careful not to strip the screw heads.

Make sure that you keep the original mount and screws in a safe place so that you can revert back in the future. A collimation adjustment may be required after changing the mount. This is the case with any mount swap. If you purchased your lens from Duclos Lenses, collimation adjustments are free for two years. 


Duclos Lenses has developed this product with the support and approval of the Original Lens Manufacturer. Therefor, the factory warranty is FULLY maintained. However, as part of our agreement with the Original Lens Manufacturer, we ask that you process all warranty repairs through Duclos Lenses should the need arise. This allows us to monitor the results of our products as well as provide valuable feedback to the Original Lens Manufacturer. For additional questions, warranty or general service, please contact