Sigma Classic Primes

SIGMA presents a classic film look for digital cinematography

Same Glass. New Image.

Based on the same famous optics as the original Sigma Cine Primes, the Classic Line features an all new coating formula; one which retains the overall quality of the optics while introducing a subtle, yet effective amount of spherical aberration and blooming flares.


Timur Civan - Cinematographer

"The Classics are not just a set of Sigma Cines with the front element coating taken off to introduce a tiny bit of flare and a tiny bit of ghosting.  These things are their own species.  They are designed to create a visually striking, sensual image."

Patrick Gines - Cinematographer

"These lenses are inspiring. I'm used to having to push lenses to find the character, but the Sigma Classic lenses are all about character. They bring an organic quality to a scene and take the edge off the digital look of the camera while being sharp and fast."