Sigma Cine EF Mount Install Guide


This conversion is of moderate difficulty. Duclos Lenses gladly offers free installation if you're not comfortable performing the following steps. The kit includes an anodized aluminum Sub-Mount, a stainless steel Canon EF Mount, eight sub-mount screws and six mount screws.You'll need a #0 and a #00 Phillips Head Driver. The conversion does not provide any communication between the lens and camera. Even if it did, the Sigma Cine Primes (PL Mount) do not provide any electronic feedback. 


Begin by removing the eight mount screws using a #0 Phillips Driver. 
Keep these screws in a safe place in case you want to revert to PL mount at any time.
Once all the screws are retrieved, you can remove the PL mount.You may find a few shims under the PL mount. Simply leave any shims you find where they are. Shim adjustment may be necessary to accommodate variation from lens to lens. This can be done with a collimator or an adjustable lens projector.
Once the PL mount is removed, position the new Sub-Mount on the lens body. There's only one position it can mount in which is easily determined by the pin on the rear of the lens chassis.
Install all of the new M1.7 into the new Sub-Mount. You may find resistance while tightening as a result of loosened loc-tite.
Position the new stainless steel Canon EF mount onto the Sub-Mount with the pin slot in the 9 o'clock position or nearest to the smart-side witness mark. You can also confirm that the EF mount is correct when the "DUCLOS LENSES" engraving is located at the top of the lens. Install and hand-tighten the six screws at the rear of the Canon EF Mount. And you're done! Now would be a good time to double check the accuracy if your infinity Mark. 


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