Sigma Cine EF Conversion Kit Exclusively from Duclos Lenses

The Sigma Cine Primes feature the ability to swap between EF and E mount by sending the lenses to an authorized service facility. But what if you wanted to swap between PL and EF mount, the two most popular mounts in the world of cinematography? Duclos Lenses has the solution - a Conversion Kit that allows swapping between EF and PL mount, on demand.

The kit requires starting with a PL mount lens. The conversion is non-destructive and can be returned to factory spec with the OEM PL mount if needed. The conversion is fully sanctioned by Sigma and will not affect the factory warranty. Duclos Lenses provides a supplementary warranty covering all of the parts included with the conversion in addition to the factory warranty. Optional installation is provided free of charge at Duclos Lenses.

To thank our loyal customers for their business, the conversion kit is offered at a discount to anyone who purchases the Sigma Cine Primes from Duclos Lenses. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to providing solutions for professional cinematographers all over the world.