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Service estimates are provided at no cost to the customer if any/all recommended work is accepted and approved. If a service estimate is prepared and all work is declined, a fee will be charged. Response time can vary and is not guaranteed. Turn-around time depends on current workload and other factors. Please be sure to package your lenses properly - Duclos Lenses is not responsible for damage to incoming equipment as a result of carrier or shipping mishaps. For international shipments, please consult your local shipping service to determine best practices. Duclos Lenses is not responsible for import or export taxes, duties, or fees. Any charges incurred as a result of shipping are the responsibility of the customer. Service and repair orders are addressed on a first come first serve basis at time of equipment arrival. Duclos Lenses may publish photos, video, or written content about customers lenses from time to time. However, personal information is kept strictly confidential. If you have questions, feel free to contact Duclos Lenses at any time.