Cooke Zooms Service & Repair Specialties
Duclos Lenses has decades of experience performing a wide range of repair and restoration services for Cooke zoom lenses. Our technicians have the experience and the tools necessary to maximize the performance of these vintage lenses as well as Cooke primes.

Cooke Zoom Cinema Lens Repair Service

Polishing & Coating

Duclos Lenses offers polishing and re-coating for most damaged elements that are no longer in production as well as optical adjustments to restore image quality.

Mechanical Repairs

We offer comprehensive repair for Cooke zoom lenses including complete CLA as well as specialty repairs such as cam follower repair and replacement.

Exterior Refinishing

Most Cooke zooms have a painted finish which we can fully restore to a like-new quality including custom engraving paint colors. A specialty textured finish is available when necessary.

Cooke Zoom Accessories

We stock a variety of support solutions for vintage Cooke zooms as well as custom engineering for unique support requirements.