Supreme Prime Radiance

Beautiful look. Full control.

ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses enable cinematographers to create beautiful, consistent and controlled flares in the image while maintaining contrast and avoiding transmission loss. Yet, they offer all attributes of a modern cinema lens: large-format coverage, high speed, robustness and smooth and reliable focus – all in a small, light-weight package.

ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses come as a seven-lens set: 21mm, 25mm, 29mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 100mm – all T1.5. Although being slightly warmer than regular Supreme Primes, they pair very well with them. That’s why Zeiss deliberately went without the extreme focal lengths on both ends of the range that the regular Supremes offer. Just mix and match as you see fit.

- Takuro Ishizaka, JSC -

"Before using it, I thought just wider lenses give you great flares. But even the tighter lenses give really nice shapes to it. […] I like the coating of the Supreme Prime Radiance because it takes care of a little bit more softness without any filtering. I like that part – not just the flares."

- Rodrigo Prieto, ASC, AMC -

"The light sources became a very important point of the story. And the lenses allowed me to utilize the characteristics of them for storytelling. […] I would describe the look of the Supreme Prime Radiance lenses as relatively soft but with sharpness. These lenses don’t have an aggressive sharpness to them, they feel organic."

New T* blue Coating

A new coating for a new look: Once Zeiss defined what they wanted to achieve with the look, instead of just uncoating lens elements, they revisited the T* coating formula and reworked them: the birth of T* blue. By that they not only made sure that the resulting flares can be planned and reproduced but were also able to maintain contrast and avoid transmission loss that one normally experiences with uncoated lens elements.