Leitz Cine Wetzlar represents the highest quality available for the most demanding motion picture environments. Originally founded as CW Sonderoptic in 2008 to design, manufacture and market Leitz-branded cine lenses for film, television and commercial production, based at Leitz Park in Wetzlar, Germany, the original hometown of Ernst Leitz and Leica Camera.

Hugo PrimesLeitz Hugo PrimesSHOP NOW

Founded on the beloved M series primes, the Hugo primes are among the lightest, most compact Leitz Cine lenses. Available in LPL mount, the Hugo Primes range from 21 to 90mm with more on the way!

Elsie PrimesLeitz Elsie PrimesSHOP NOW

Designed from the ground up as premium cine lenses with full frame performance and a consistent look incorporating the famous warmth and resolution Leitz is known for.

Leitz PrimesLeitz PrimesSHOP NOW

A no-compromise original design for cinematographers who seek unrivaled quality for their imagery. Twelve high-speed, full frame focal lengths make up a versatile, sophisticated set of primes.

Leitz ZoomsLeitz ZoomsSHOP NOW

Designed specifically for full frame cameras, the Leitz Zooms feature a relatively fast aperture making them a powerful duo that'll bring confidence and speed to any production. The Leitz zooms are compact and lightweight by comparison.

Thalia PrimesLeitz Thalia PrimesSHOP NOW

The Leica Thalia Primes offer many of the characteristics that have led cinematographers to pair character-rich vintage lenses with digital sensors. They are smooth, forgiving, and clear without being overly sharp.

Summilux-C PrimesLeitz Summilux-C PrimesSHOP NOW

Consisting of a dozen focal lengths ranging from 16mm to 135mm, the Summilux-C primes feature a constant maximum T1.4 aperture. Ideal for Super 35 format productions looking for a no-compromise solution.

Summicron-C PrimesLeitz Cummicron-C PrimesSHOP NOW

The Summicron-C primes incorporate a consistent T2.0 aperture across the ten focal lengths, all with a comparably compact, lightweight form factor. The Summicron-C primes are perfect for Super 35 format productions.

Leitz M 0.8 PrimesLeitz M 0.8 PrimesSHOP NOW

Leitz's beloved classic prime lenses re-engineered to offer cinema friendly features such as geared focus and iris rings. Don't underestimate the Leitz M0.8 primes when comparing them to larger, heavier cinema lenses.