Fujinon's history in the motion picture industry spans decades and multiple mediums. With some of the most sophisticated manufacturing tools and techniques in the world, Fujinon offers a wide range of motion picture lens solutions for all budgets and productions. 

MK Series

Fujinon's newest family of high quality, budget friendly cinema zoom lenses. A composite polymer body combined with an alloy chassis gives the MK line a lightweight, yet quality performance. Exclusively for Sony E mount, the MK series is an excellent companion for a range of productions.


Cabrio XK/ZK

The Cabrio line set the bar for cinematic versatility with it's integrated servo grip, reminiscent of high-end ENG style zooms. Perfect for a feature film, documentary, or anything in between, the Cabrio line provides a wide zoom range with few compromises. Available exclusively in PL mount.


Premier HK

Fujinon's Premier line is just that... The culmination of Fujinon's history and advanced optical design and manufacturing experience; the Premier HK zooms offer unrivaled image quality combined with high-speed aperture. When image quality is of the essence, the Fujinon Premier HK lenses are the go-to.


Premista Zooms

A result of Fujinon's heritage in cinema optics, the Premista are the professional zoom for large format cinematography. Featuring Fujinon's famed superb image quality and no-compromise optical design, the Premista are sure to be the centerpiece of any large format camera package.