DongZheng Optics, more commonly known as DZOFilm, is shaking up the cinema lens industry with their line of motion picture zooms and primes. Their high-volume, low cost approach makes for a well rounded product that offers reasonable image quality and build quality at an affordable price.

Vespid PrimesSHOP NOW

Compact, lightweight, and plenty of character. The Vespid primes feature eight matched focal lengths with a respectable maximum aperture.

Gnosis MacroSHOP NOW

Achieve ultra close focus with the unique Gnosis Macro line of primes from DZOFilm. Available in LPL, PL, and EF mounts!

Pictor ZoomsSHOP NOW

The Pictor zooms are a powerful tool in the hands of the right cinematographer. Very well rounded in terms of features and still very affordable.

Catta ZoomsSHOP NOW

An ultra light design for even the most demanding gimbal work. The Catta are available in mirrorless mounts or traditional EF/PL in the ACE version.