COOKE OPTICSSuper 35 Format Options
Cooke's heritage is simply unrivaled. Still hand-built in Leicester, UK by skilled technicians, Cooke's lenses embody the unique, vintage character of classic Hollywood motion picture optics while incorporating state-of-the-art design to produce a stunning combination of art and science.

Mini S4/i PrimesCooke Mini S4 i primesSHOP NOW

A scaled down, miniature version of the venerable Cooke S4/i primes. Still the same durable, reliable build quality of the classic S4/i, but with a smaller, lighter optical design that balances image quality, aperture speed, and price. Perfect for gimbal and Steadi-Cam work.

Panchro/i ClassicCooke Panchro Classic PrimesSHOP NOW

A retro, reimagining of the ever-shrinking supply of vintage Cooke Panchro primes from the 1960s - but with brand new glass and mechanics - perfect for today's demanding environments. The Panchro/i primes remain true to the look of the now legendary Cooke Speed Panchros.

S4/i PrimesCooke S4 i PrimesSHOP NOW

It's hard to find a more trusted, time-tested set of prime lenses, synonymous with the term "cinema prime". The Cooke S4/i pioneered the industry standard /i Data protocol which is used across many brands today. With 18 focal lengths to choose from, get the shot you want.

5/i PrimesCooke 5 i PrimesSHOP NOW

Pushing the boundaries of optical and mechanical engineering, the 5/i primes are Cooke's flagship series of high-end motion picture prime lenses. Featuring an industry first, illuminated focus scale, the 5/i primes represent over 100 years of excellence.