Cooke Optics
Cooke's heritage is simply unrivaled. Still hand-built in Leicester, UK by skilled technicians, Cooke's lenses embody the unique, vintage character of classic Hollywood motion picture optics while incorporating state-of-the-art design to produce a stunning combination of art and science.


A new approach from Cooke. Compact lightweight prime lenses with golden-age cinematic character inspired by the Speed Pancrhos.
Panchro/i ClassicSHOP NOW

Cooke's famous Pancrho optical design fused with a modern, robust housing ideal for the rigors of motion picture sets.
S8/i PrimesSHOP NOW

Cooke's flagship line of prime lenses. Full frame, high speed, all-spherical optical design makes the S8/i primes a versatile set.
S4/i and Mini S4/iSHOP NOW

The backbone of Cooke's modern cinema lens family - the S4/i primes are the classic Super 35 format lenses that countless productions have utilized.

5/i PrimesSHOP NOW

Pushing the boundaries of optical and mechanical design, the 5/i primes several innovative features for Super 35 format cameras.
S7/i PrimesSHOP NOW

The original full frame cinema primes from Cooke. The S7/i primes provide Cooke's beloved Cooke Look in a modern, sophisticated housing.
Anamorphic/iSHOP NOW

The beauty and technical mastery of the Cooke Anamorphic primes. Available in S35 and FF, regular and special flair coatings.
Cooke ZoomsSHOP NOW

Cooke continues to push the boundaries of optical and mechanical design and assembly with spherical and anamorphic zoom lenses.