CINE-MOD® OTUSAn enhanced cinema modification

What Is The Cine-Mod OTUS?

A lens as advanced and impressive as the Zeiss OTUS deserves an equally powerful modification. Duclos Lenses has engineered just that - a modification process that brings high quality motion picture features to the OTUS line from Zeiss. The Cine-Mod OTUS adds several features to the Zeiss OTUS primes without sacrificing the quality of the optics or adding excessive weight

1. Enhanced Focus Scale with Integrated Gear
(DISCONTINUED) A beautifully CNC machined aluminum alloy focus scale, anodized black and engraved with detailed, well spaced focus marks. The scale is installed semi-permanently, using a clever friction ring for a firm, reliable grip, and clocked to the "operator" position. A single, clean witness mark is added to the body of the OTUS lens which provides a confident, accurate focus distance reading. (DISCONTINUED)

2. Tailored 95mm Front Ring
Threaded directly into the filter threads of the OTUS Primes, our front rings provide a common 95mm outside diameter for clamp-on accessories as well as an 86mm filter thread. Machined from aluminum alloy and anodized black for a durable finish. The front rings follow the design cue of the Zeiss OTUS with a seamless integration that provides as much beauty as it does function.

3. Seamless Iris Gear
In addition to the meticulously crafted Focus Gear, the ZF.2 model of OTUS receive a seamless, 32-pitch iris gear as well. The lack of seams provides a consistent, non-binding interface for mounting motors or other accessories to drive the iris. Machined from solid black Delrin and positioned with care during installation, the Iris Gear is a feature that proves itself useful time and time again.

4. Aperture De-Click
Aperture de-clicking is a vital part of the Cine-Mod. A true cinema lens features a step-less aperture that allows fine adjustment without "clicking" between f-stops. Duclos Lenses modifies the aperture movement by removing the "click" mechanism and damping the movement to create a consistent, smooth rotation. We use a high-quality lubricant to ensure a professional feel and operation of your lens.

5. EF Mount Conversion
In the case of the ZF.2 model of Zeiss OTUS, the preferred model to receive our Cine-Mod®, the factory mount is converted from Nikon F to Canon EF via a stainless steel flange. This provides a fixed, reliable mounting point for a wide variety of camera bodies. In addition to the added versatility, the EF Mount Conversion also provides our technicians an opportunity to accurately tune the flange depth for precise infinity focus.

All of these components combined with the Zeiss OTUS primes make for an extremely powerful filmmaking tool with features that stand up to their already impressive image quality.

NOTES: The enhanced focus scale includes a non-reversible laser etched witness mark at the operator position.
The Cine-Mod® OTUS can be applied to both the ZF.2 and ZE models. However, the ZE model lacks a manual aperture movement and can only be controlled electronically by an active EF camera. Therefore, we do not offer de-clicking for the ZE model since there simply isn't anything to de-click. As a result, we encourage customers to purchase the ZF.2 OTUS over the ZE. On that note... The "focus direction" of the ZF.2 model is in fact the opposite of most other lenses. This is not altered in any way as a result of the Cine-Mod® OTUS modification.

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