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Arri, in partnership with Zeiss, offers some of the worlds most advanced cinema prime lens options. Time tested, industry staples, the Arri Ultra primes, Master Primes, and the new Master Anamorphics are right at home on any high-end project. 

Ultra Primes
Quite possibly the most widely used prime lenses in the motion picture industry - the Arri Ultra Primes feature over a dozen focal lengths to choose from ranging from the immersive 8mm, all the way to a distancing 180mm. With common design features across the line, the Ultra Primes are a staple among cinematographers. 
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Master Primes
The Arri Master Primes have proven themselves an invaluable tool, capable of handling the most demanding, delicate projects. With unrelenting optical design, the Master Primes offer extremely high resolution while maintaining an impressive fast aperture of T1.3 across the entire line.Cinematographers choose the Master Primes when they require the absolute most image quality without compromise. 
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Master Anamorphic Primes
With seven lenses in the line, the Master Anamorphic primes are a perfect combination of compact size, minimal weight, very high speed and exceptional optical design with minimal distortion. With beautiful out-of-focus backgrounds and a smooth, cinematic look, the Master Anamorphic lenses are as fast and easy to use on set as other modern cine lenses.
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