Cooke SP3 5-Lens Set

by Cooke  |  MFR #SP3 5-Way

Product Features
• Famous Cooke Look
• Ultra lightweight, compact
• Native mirrorless lens design
• Full Frame coverage
• Metric and imperial focus marks
• Standardized gear positions
  • Right at home on Full Frame cameras, the SP3 5-lens set features a consistent T2.4 across the range: 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm T2.4! The Cooke SP3 Primes offer a convenient blend of image character inspired by the famous Cooke Speed Panchros with an ultra-light, compact housing ideal for a wide range of camera setups, especially gimbal, drone, and close-quarters filming. 

    The character of these lenses is well defined by their controlled handling of veiling glare, ghosts and halation. The all-spherical optical design lends to a cinematic bokeh with a soft gradient quality. The warmth and The Cooke Look® can be matched with existing Cooke lenses in multiple camera setups. When all of these attributes are combined, they create a beautiful and unique dimensionality to images which encourages inspiring narrative art.

    Equipped with a standard, interchangeable Sony E mount, standardized gearing positions, anodized aluminum housings, the SP3 primes are a versatile tool for Full Frame and Super 35 format mirrorless motion picture camera systems. While the SP3 are well enough equipped to take on the A cam role, they'll be just as good shooting alongside the Cooke Panchro/i Classic primes as B cam for the more challenging shots. 

    Ships natively in Sony E mount with an additional mount of your choice included. The additional mount options include RF, L, and M mount. An additional 3-mount set option also includes L mounts (boxed separately). Calibrated mount swap by one of our technicians is available upon request, included with purchase.

  • Technical Specifications for Cooke SP3 5-Lens Set
    This set contains multiple lenses.
    You can find their tech specs listen on their product pages here.
  • - SP3 25mm T2.4
    - SP3 32mm T2.4
    - SP3 50mm T2.4
    - SP3 75mm T2.4
    - SP3 100mm T2.4
    - (5x) RF Mounts
    - E, RF mount shims
    - Tailored Hard Case

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