Duclos Grease Brush Set

by Duclos  |  MFR #

Product Features
• Tapered ergonomic grip
• Shaped point for small apllications
• 3 different sizes
  • Ideal for applying a wide range of grease to lubricate moving parts such as focus helicoids or iris mechanisms. Each brush has a black-coated wooden shaft measuring 6.8" in length and a tapered ergonomic grip. The tips are made of nylon and shaped to a point. Available as a kit with three different sizes: #3, #5, and #7.

    Please note! Each brush is "sealed" to protect the bristles during transit. We recommend breaking up the bristles gently before use. Not ideal for cleaning or solvent application.

  • - x1 #3 sized brush
    - x1 #5 sized brush
    - x1 #7 sized brush
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