Veydra 1.2x Expander

by Veydra  |  MFR #

This product was discontinued 2021.

The Veydra 1.2x PL to PL expander makes it possible to use vintage zoom lenses from the Academy-format era with current generation Super 35 and larger sensor cameras. The Veydra 1.2x PL to PL Expander works by enlarging the image circle of vintage zoom lenses from 28mm, to 36mm diagonally introducing only a ½ stop of light loss during the process.

We've tested and confirmed fitting on the following zooms:
• Angenieux 24-290mm Optimo
• Angenieux 17-102mm
• Angenieux 25-250mm HR/HP
• Cooke 18-100mm
• Cooke 20-100mm
• Cooke 25-250mm MkII/MkIII
• Cooke 20-60mm