Cine-Xenar III Set

by: Schneider ► MFR #

Set Includes:
  • 18mm T2.2
  • 25mm T2.2
  • 35mm T2.1
  • 50mm T2.0
  • 75mm T2.0
  • 95mm T2.0
  • Flight Case

The lenses are the latest rendition of professional motion picture lenses from Schneider. With a long history of lens design and implementation, Schneider has provided a complete set of lenses, 18mm-95mm. The most notable revision over previous Cine-Xenar lenses is the constant volume of the Xenar III lenses. No more telescoping or fiddling. Available in PL and/or Canon EF mount. WIth a format coverage of 31.5mm, the Cine-Xenars are safe for use on almost any digital cinema sensor. The tele-centric nature and ultra close focus ability of these primes allows them to perform optimally for 4k capture and more. The Schneider Cine-Xenar III are a classic lens with modern technology that allows you to get the image you want without worrying about breathing or flaring. 

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