Veydra Mini Prime Set

by Veydra  |  MFR #

This lens was discontinued .

  • 12mm T2.2
    16mm T2.2
    19mm T2.6
    25mm T2.2
    35mm T2.2
    50mm T2.2
    85mm T2.2
  • Build your own set. Choose from any of the focal lengths and we'll tailor your set to your liking. 
  • ...because we hand-pick every single lens that goes into our tailored lens sets. Each lens is put through our rigorous schedule of bench tests to ensure you receive the best products available. Also, don't forget about our Service+ Program - free for two years with all new lenses. Want more info :

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  • This product has been discontinued. Let our experts help you find an alternative lens.
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