Duclos Friction Spanner Tool Set

by Duclos  |  MFR #38201214

    • A genuine Duclos Lenses Tool used daily in our shop for tightening and loosening delicate beauty rings that don't have slots or holes for a spanner wrench. CNC Machined from billet aluminum, anodized red for a rugged, life-long finish. Each end is sealed with a soft rubber ring to maximize grip.
      Available in a set of sizes #1 through #9 or #1 through #12. Each tool has two sides with a slightly different size friction grip. See sizing chart tab for more details.

    • Tool No. Outer Diameters
      #1 33mm x 36mm
      #2 39.5mm x 42.5mm
      #3 45.5mm x 49mm
      #4 52mm x 55mm
      #5 58.5mm x 62mm
      #6 65mm x 68mm
      #7 71mm x 76.mm
      #8 77.5mm x 81mm
      #9 84mm x 86mm
      #10 84.7mm x 93mm
      #11 89.9mm x 99.3mm
      #12 97.5mm x 104mm
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