Musashi 1.7x Expander

by Musashi  |  MFR #TL-OMFF

This product was discontinued .

A beautiful array of optics designed from the ground up, the Musashi 1.7x Expander effectively increases the image circle of the taking lens, providing a narrower field of view while maintaining the highest level of image quality. A large format revolution in the digital cinema world is upon us. Don't throw away your catalog of Super 35 glass. Keep them working! The Musashi 1.7x Expander features an integrated back focus adjustment for quick, easy field tuning. No need for shimming. Designed and manufactured with high grade, anodized aluminum body and stainless steel PL mounts, the Musashi1.7x Expander excels at maintaining resolution throughout the field.

Compatability: Optically, the 1.7x Expander will work with any S35 lens with a maximum aperture of T2.0 or greater. Faster lenses will exhibit excessive aberration. Physically, there are restrictions that vary from lens to lens. Will it fit your lens? Consult our database linked below.