Introducing rodClaw

The rodClaw is a new tool designed specifically to accessorize your lenses without adding heavy, bulky baseplates to an ever growing rig. For lightweight, nimble applications where only one rod is required to mount accessories such as lens motors, the rodClaw is the perfect solution. 

Designed for DSMC2

From the Raven to Weapon and everything in between, the rodClaw utilizes two existing mount points on the camera body > M3 stainless steel Torx screws keep the rodClaw firmly mated to the camera chassis, capable of supporting multiple lens motors with ease. 

Compatible with Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel support rods, the rodClaw firmly grasps 19mm rods and includes a 15mm sleeve. A Panavision sleeve is available separately. 



You can find more examples of practical field applications using the rodClaw over on